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What Are The Three Deadly Viruses

We live in virus ridden times where we are surrounded by viruses causing the annoying yet non-fatal common cold, chicken pox to more fatal ones like HIV, Ebola and now ZIKA. Viruses raise their head when our immune system is weak; today stress, pollution and adulterated food have contributed to our weakened immunity, making us more susceptible than ever before, to a host of diseases.

Ebola virus is by far one of the deadliest viruses’ known to mankind with a mortality rate of 90%. The first outbreak was reported in the African Continent but thanks to a global world there are cases all over the world now. Ebola virus was first contracted from an infected monkey. An infected person can transmit the disease to others via blood, contaminated needles and through bodily fluids. It is characterized by muscle pain, headache, intense weakness, vomiting and in severe cases internal bleeding too.  There is no treatment for the virus yet.

AIDS still remains one of the most feared diseases that man can encounter. As is common knowledge the HIV is spread by contact with contaminated blood, semen and vaginal fluids. As of 2015 there are 36.9 million people who are HIV infected.

Finally, the latest is Zika Virus; once again it has its origins in Africa. An infected Aedes mosquito plays the villain here when it bites people and transmits the virus. Human to human transmission is also possible though sexual activity. This disease is symptomized by muscle pain, joint weakness, headache, fever, skin rash and conjunctivitis. Though Zika by itself doesn’t cause death, it does causes fetal brain damage. Hence pregnant mothers should take precautions to protect their unborn children.Once again there is no vaccine.

It is in our hands to maintain a healthy body and healthy mind and guard ourselves from the rampant viruses around.